Brad Stratychuk
Brad’s Towing Ltd.
Saskatoon, SK


Harv Britton
Harv’s Autobody Ltd. & Towing
Rosthern, SK


Jackie Klotz
Brad’s Towing Ltd.
Saskatoon, SK

Board Members

Jamie Kemp
Rosetown Towing
Rosetown, SK

Mel Leveque
Eagle Towing
Melfort, SK

Geoff Roller
Astro Towing
Saskatoon, SK

Dallas Baillie
Baillie Boys Towing
Yorkton, SK

Board of Directors Profile 

 Brad Stratychuk – President


I started Towing part time in 1982, covering weekends and whenever I could from my “regular job” In March of 1983, one of the leased operator positions became available at Bridge City Towing in Saskatoon and I purchased my first truck, a 1979 GMC with an Ashton wrecker. I remained a leased operator there for 8 years; also covering heavy as soon as I got my 1A. I then was a leased operator at Astro Towing for 10 years. Brad’s Towing started in 2001 with a 1996 F450 and Century wrecker. We expanded quickly and have up to the present day.


Brad and Tammy were married in 1989 and have 2 sons, Shawn and Adam. We have been heavily involved in the Deaf Community over the years. We believe in providing opportunity to the people we work with and giving back to our community – society – and the industry that has afforded us our opportunities and our living. Although there is not much music lately, Brad has played in weekend Bands all over the Province for over 30 years.



Harv Britton  – Vice-President


I have been in the collision repair trade for 39 years and have been a Journeyman for over 30 years.  I started Harv’s Autobody Ltd. in 1989 and we are starting our 31st year in business.  Our collision centre recently became OEM Certified and we attained our Gold Class status in both aluminum and advanced repairs.  We added a towing division 22 years ago.  We originally started off with one truck and as of today we now have four.  They include:  2016 Chev 3500 crew cab, 2014 Ram 5500 crew cab, 2016 International Deck Truck and the newest addition is a 2020 Ram 5500 crew cab which we just picked up on March 18, 2021.  Harv and our employees have attended WreckMaster training.


Harv and Elaine were married in 2002 and have 4 sons and one daughter who have since all grown up and moved on.  We have been involved in our community throughout the years and are a major corporate sponsor to the WPD District Ambulance Golf Tournaments which raises funds for our local hospital. Also, we are a major sponsor to our local food bank.  We believe in providing opportunity to the people we work with and giving back to our community and both the collision industry and towing industry that has afforded us our opportunities and our living.

I have been on the board of the R.R.A.S. since the beginning.  For over 20 years I have been on the provincial auto body association board as past president and director.  I have dealt with insurance companies, crown corporations and various levels of government throughout my years in business and involvement in provincial associations.  Recently I have become a member on the board of our Rosthern Chamber of Commerce.


 Secretary  –  Jackie Klotz


Hi, my name is Jackie and I am the secretary of the RRAS.  I work at Brad’s Towing in the Administrative/Overnight Dispatch position.  I have been working for Brad and Tammy since about 2012 part time and became full time in 2017 after a move back to Saskatoon.  Since Brad is my brother I have seen the towing world in Action since he started in 1982.  My best memories are when Brad would pick me up (at midnight), while passing through where I was living, and continuing on the trip with him.  This includes a switch to Indus Ontario and picking up flexi-coil equipment down in North Dakota.  A little Convoy would head down and travel back together.  Every time I came home for a holiday I would look forward to driving around with Brad and hanging out.  Great spending time with my bro and enjoying the road trips.  Never a dull moment 😊

On a personal note I have 3 awesome kids and 4 fabulous grandkids spread out all over.  Yorkton, Calgary and Winnipeg.  I have been involved mostly in the promotional world in the past.  Doing promotions for Retail businesses, A dancehall in Calgary and a Music School in Winnipeg along with other sales and administrative duties.  The Music Biz was my world for a lot of my life.  Love organizing events and seeing people happy.  Looking forward to a thriving future with the RRAS and making things happen when our lives get a chance to be social again.


Board Member –  Mel Leveque


We, Mel Leveque & Heather Rookes started our towing business “Eagle Towing” in September 2004. Mel previously worked for a company as a tow truck operator for 2 year previous to that.

Mel & Heather were married in 2010.  Together we have 3 sons.

Mel is very well liked in the community and “GREAT SERVICE “ is our motto.

So when “YOU” see flashing lights on the road….

“SLOW DOWN & MOVE OVER!” So our family comes home at night!!!!!


Board Member – Geoff Roller 


-In the summer 0f 1978, at 16 years of age, I drove tow truck for my uncle in Roblin, Manitoba. He owned the local Texaco. I was hooked.

-In February 1984, I bought my 1st tow truck, a 1981 Chevrolet 1 ton with a 440 Holmes. I contracted to Captain Hook Towing in Saskatoon.

-In September 1984 I painted my truck orange and moved over to Astro Towing.

-I became a manager of Astro Towing in 1989 and remained in management role until 2000 when myself and my wife, Donna, bought shares in the company.

I remained a driver throughout the management years.

-In 1999 I bought the 1st tandem deck on the fleet. That division has expanded.

-In 2005 I started the truck and trailer division, which has also expanded.

-Throughout my 37+ years of towing I have driven one ton trucks, single axle and tandem deck trucks. I have also driven heavy tow trucks for many of those years.

-We sold our shares in Astro Towing in February 2020.

-Currently I am owner/operator of a truck and trailer unit.

-I’ve really enjoyed towing over the years and the slogan I came up with years ago “Pride of the Industry” is how I feel about the towing industry.



My wife Donna and I have a daughter and son. Also, 2 grandchildren.

We enjoy travelling and spending time at our cabin with our family.

I am an avid snowmobiler and motorcyclist.


Board Member  –  Dallas Baillie


I am the owner of Baillie Boys Towing along with my wife, Jody and my sons. I started in the towing businesses as a side line to my repair business in 1989 in the community of Abernethy which is between Regina and Yorkton. My first truck was an old Careful Towing 1 ton. We started focusing much more on the towing part of our business in the early 2000’s as we seen the vehicles becoming much more dynamic and advanced. The need for proper care and transportation of these vehicles is where we set our sights on. Customer service and building trust in our abilities was our mandate for the business model that we wanted to develop. As our boys became of driving age, they jumped right in and as of 5 years ago we moved our business to yorkton. We were doing about 30 % of our business there and it was a tough decision to invest much more but in today’s industry it’s important to have good equipment and trustworthy and capable trained staff. We are 100% family owned and operated.


I believe it’s better to give than receive. Volunteer firefighter for 25 years. Fire chief for 9 years. Mayor of our village for 10 years. Retired Licensed auctioneer (still do lots of charity auctions). These are some of the things that have helped me build great relationships and connections over my business career. I am dedicated to building great partnerships in business. Sharing ideas and experiences to the membership of our association helps us build a better and safer industry. Our tow association, RRAS, has been important to me since its inception. The benefits have been beyond my expectations and this is one of the reasons I would like to do my part as a board member to help continue the great work moving forward.

I feel it’s much easier to work together then to struggle apart.

Looking forward to the years ahead. My phone is always on for a phone call.


Dallas Baillie.

Cell # 306-332-7696